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About our TechnoGym

Our gym room is located on the pool level for all of our guests to utilise. The room contains highly innovative TechnoGym equipment with machines such as treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, exercise balls, leg curl/extension, overhead press and a Kinesis Personal Pulley Station. Our selection of machines and equipment are optimised to provide you with fulfilling workout experience.

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Each guest room receives a free daily Wi-Fi allowance of 400 Megabytes. If you require more access just go to the WiFi login page and you can scroll down to see a range of available WiFi plans which can be purchased with a credit card.


Paid daily/weekly/monthly plans with no data caps available are:

24 hours             $9.95

3 days                 24.95

7 days                 39.95

28 days               69.95

Login instructions

For more Wi-Fi access please select from one of the plans listed on the Login page.